Eligibility is so easy, it’s like freedom;
all you need in order to meet our requirements:

Resident of Canada

Valid address and phone number

Have a permanent stable job

Must be 18 years or older

Enjoy the freedom of having

YOUR money today!


Repayment is easy and simple.

Your payment amount is debited directly from your bank account at each payment cycle.

A $50 NSF fee applies if the amount is not available in your bank account.

If you are unable to make your upcoming payment, our team will work with you on a payment arrangement and a find a solution.

Make sure your payments are timely and available to avoid collection calls. Your credit score will be affected if your file is sent to a collection agency.

Interest charges and service fees apply.
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Freedom500 Loans

gives you fast-approval

Bank statement providing a 90 day account history.

Application $500,  $750,  $1,000,

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