Eligibility is so easy, it’s like freedom!
Fast, easy, hassle-free loans to ensure you peace of mind!

How it works

Apply for Freedom!

Our application process is done in the comfort of your own home. Simply apply for the amount you desire to borrow and fill out our easy application form online! Once you send through all the required information, you will get an e-mail about your eligibility and approval.

E-transfer within minutes

As soon as we verify all your information and credentials, your money will be deposited directly into your bank account within minutes of your application approval!

Re-Paying your loan is as breezy as your freedom!

Once you choose your re-payment option program, the funds will be automatically debited from your account every month depending on the amount you borrowed. You can pay in 3, 6, or 12 installments.

Eligibility is so easy, it’s like freedom!

All you need to be aligible for FreedomLoans:

  • Be 18 Years old or over
  • Be a canadian Citizen
  • Have a steady employment with same employer for at least 3 months
  • Receive your pay by direct deposit
  • Have a valid mobile phone number, e-mail and home adress
  • Not have filed bankruptcy in the past or have the intention to in the future

Receiving your loan with FreedomLoans:

Receiving your money is the easiest thing.

After getting approved, you can just relax and wait for your money to be directly deposited into your bank account while in the comfort of your own home. We send you your money by e-transfer 7 days a week!

Freedom500loans is always committed to giving our clients the freedom of having peace of mind and flexible cashflow.

Repaying your loan is easy and the process is straightforward.

Repayment of your loan has a timeframe of a minimum of 90 days. The maximum allowed period to clear your balance is 180 days. You may pay back your loan in 3, 6 or 12 installements depending on your pay period.

We offer 2.66% rate per month. The institutions we work with offer a 32% APR. If you make your minimum payments without renewing your loan, you can pay off your balance in several weeks or months.

i.e: A $720 loan payable every two weeks and refundable in 6 payments will be $129.76 per payment for a total amount of $778.54 and the interest of $58.54. This information is given strictly as an example and does not consider the brokerage fees added to the borrowed capital. There is a $50 service charge for insufficient funds. In case of non-payment, a collections agency will call you. A service charge is applicable if your loan is accepted.

Freedom500 Loans

gives you fast-approval

Bank statement providing a 90 day account history.

Application $500,  $750,  $1,000,

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